Marvin's Room
by Scott McPherson
May 8 - 24, 2009
Scott McPherson’s Marvin’s Room tells the story of one women’s commitment to care for her family first, even in the face of a personal tragedy. That commitment becomes the catalyst to bring the family back together and confront issues that have festered for years. This award winning play and Oscar nominated film (starring Meryl Streep, Diane Keaton, Robert De Niro, & Leonardo DiCaprio) will both warm and break your heart by the time the curtain falls.
Robert L. Smith
Scenic Design
Robert L. Smith, Ted Hatton, & Megan Taylor
Lighting Design
Ted Hatton
Costume Design
Shannon Shoemaker
Sound Design
Derek Menchinger
Stage Manager
Ginger Phillips
Prop Masters
Ginger Phillips & Robert L. Smith
Hair/Wig Design
Marianne Brown
Technical Director
Megan Taylor
Music Composed and Performed by
John C. Griffin
Graphic Design
Chris Honeysett
Shayne Plemmons
Peg Small*
Chase Maser
Evan Shoemaker
Dr. Wally
Adam Weiner
Dr. Charlotte
Carol Payne Smith
Retirement Director, Bob
Craig W. Sloan
Robert J. Griffin
*Proud member of Actors' Equity Association



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