All in the Timing
by David Ives
March 12 - 28, 2010
Brimming with smart humor and wacky characters, All in the Timing is a collection of six short plays that comment on relationships, historical events, and the human condition. Whether it's three chimpanzees trying to write Hamlet, a man cursed with being in a "Philadelphia" where nothing seems to go right, or Leon Trotsky reliving his death over and over again, All in the Timing combines slapstick humor with incisive comedic insight that will leave you laughing and thinking long after the curtain falls.
Adam and Robert Weiner
Scenic Designer
Jon A. Reeves
Technical Director
Jeff Khaled
Stage Manager
Lisa Watson
Lighting Designer
Elizabeth Harkins
Sound Designer
Derek Menchinger
Costume Desigener
Denene Mulay Koch
Asst. Stage Manager
Brock Beubauer
Prop Design
Ginger Phillips
Visual Projections
Greg Laux
Graphic Design
Chris Honeysett
  • Victoria Blade
  • Kyle Cain
  • Samantha Galvin
  • Brian Panse
  • Nancy Stefanick
  • Trevor Stefanick
  • Brian Wilson
*Proud member of Actors' Equity Association
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